Friday, September 7, 2007

Food Dyes = Bad Kids? (oh yes, and lunch too)

On Fridays, if she has earned it, Supergirl gets a special treat and a juice box (100% juice only, ever) in her lunch.
We have suspected that she is sensitive to artificial food dyes, as her (usually predictable) behavior often spins out of control after ingesting something with them. One thing I love about Japanese snacks and treats, is that many of them are colored with natural colorings - beet, paprika, etc. And so I feel I can offer Supergirl special treats with a little less guilt over the ingredients. (IMO, processed sugars are one small evil, while chemically enhanced (colored) food is pretty damn evil)
Check out this article, which reports on a study conducted in England, that showed that many children have behavior issues and hyperactivity (redundancy?) after ingesting these artificial colors. What? Really? Who knew???
(we knew)

What's in Supergirl's lunchbox today?
Rice thins, salami and monster cheese stars, bear-shaped egg, cream cheese+jam flower, cottage cheese, raisins. Snack box: Furikake container (the girl loves anything with seaweed), a fake 'ice cream cone' snack, and shelly senbei (lightly frosted rice crackers from Hawaii).
Oh yes, there was a juice box - organic cherry - not shown.


Rebecca F. said...

Do you know I actually find this helpful and facinating?

Please, please tell me how you get the shaped eggs??

Rebecca F.

Scribbit said...

OKay I love that you don't have huge, fancy expensive boxes. I looked at the prices for bento boxes and nearly fainted. $30 for a lunchbox?????